Heidi Fredløv Kabel


My earlier experience has provided me with a vast range of knowledge in the fields of finance, business control, and data analytics. Throughout my career, I\’ve been fortunate to dive deep into these areas, honing my expertise and skills.

One of the key responsibilities that I thoroughly enjoy in my current position is the development and implementation of PowerBi reports. Additionally, my role involves close collaboration with IT, process owners, superusers, and suppliers, ensuring seamless integration and successful implementation of new PowerBi solutions.

I am deeply passionate and proficient in various IT tools and systems. My proficiency spans across the various tools like Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), Microsoft PowerBi desktop, PowerBi.com, Microsoft Dynamics AX D365, and the BizCloud PIM system. Transforming data, creating insightful reports.

In terms of education, I hold a degree in HHX – Handelsgymnasium, providing me with a strong foundation in business principles. Building upon this foundation, I completed a Markedsføringsøkonom (Marketing Economist) program at Erhvervsakademi Dania, Viborg. These academic accomplishments have significantly complemented my professional growth, equipping me to tackle complex business challenges with a well-rounded approach.

With my diverse experiences and proficiency in finance, business control, data analytics, and IT tools I am confident that my dedication and passion for delivering high-quality results will prove to be valuable assets in achieving success.