Logistics setups can also be complex, especially within multinational companies with a lot of intercompany sales and regional warehouse setups.

Many companies struggle with streamlining their ordering processes and categorizing intracompany & intercompany flows, so that their reporting setup is showing an actual representation of the order flows, which may diverge when looking from a financial and physical point of view. 

Having a solid and transparent intercompany sales definition is crucial to make sure your sales are not mistakenly double counted across different legal entities. 

Running a vertically integrated business with in-house production and facilitation of logistical complexities all the way to the retailing layer is not straight forward. Maybe you have decoupling points and/or collaborations with 3rd party suppliers, which makes the data links less transparent in the in the value chain flow?

When forecasting future sales for instance, ensuring that the sales data is broken down and interpreted correctly is key in getting a data foundation for you Advanced Planning capabilities in place.

In VLK IT Consulting We have through process knowledge within the area of Supply Chain, allowing us to model and interpret the data much more nuanced, especially when dealing with these complex business processes.