Mathias Paasch Heller


I have a background as Civil Engineer with a Bsc. in Physics & Nanotechnology and Msc. in Engineering Management. I have spent five years of my career specializing in Advanced Planning systems and the processes involved with supply- and demand planning. The last couple of years I have been working with financial processes and CRM, as well as production and batch tracing solutions. Through this, I have a very broad understanding of business processes from cradle to grave, giving a good foundation to cover a multitude of reporting requirements and the relational connection between various business areas.

I have worked various ETL designs covering simple full loads, Incremental loads and Change data capture solutions.

I have been speeding up existing solutions significantly, implementing maintenance frameworks as well is performing index tuning and code optimization.

I have previously been supporting big AX implementation projects and have been seeing BI both from outside and inside.

I have a natural curiosity and a holistic mindset, and I put great effort in understanding all aspects of a problem: End-to-end, from the very details to the big picture. I am very helpful by nature and put great honor in delivering on time and I take ownership of the problems that cross my desk.