Rasmus Rasmussen


I am an accomplished professional with a strong educational background and extensive experience in finance, business control, and data analytics.

Throughout my career, I have diligently honed my expertise in Advanced Planning systems and mastered the intricacies of supply and demand planning. Specializing in this area has provided me with invaluable insights into the processes that drive efficient business operations.

In addition to this, I have ventured into the realms of financial processes, broadening my understanding of various business functions from inception to completion. My experience encompasses handling critical aspects like accounting, budgeting, and financial controlling.

Furthermore, my proficiency extends to supporting significant implementation projects, including my involvement in substantial AX (Axapta) implementations. This diverse exposure has equipped me to perceive Business Intelligence (BI) from both internal and external perspectives.

Now, I am excited to bring my wealth of experience and skills to new opportunities at Vlk IT, with my diverse and dynamic experiences which I have gained over the years in the fields of finance, business control, and data analytics.