Starting A New Business

In august 2017 I took the leap into unchartered territory as I said goodbye to my job at a larger consultancy firm to start my own BI consultancy business.

Luckily there were plenty of interesting assignments from the get go, so it soon became apparent that more hands were needed. A year after starting the Company two new employes were welcomed onboard. Mathias Paasch Heller joined VLK IT Consulting as a Consultant in 2018, and has been an asset from the beginning. My wife Bente Højgaard Vlk had worked part-time in the company since the beginning, and started a full-time position as my executive assistant. I 2019 we employed another talented Consultant, Jan Hedegaard, whom I have also had the pleasure to work with on prior occasions.

Geographically we cover all of Denmark as I work out of our office in Jutland whilst Mathias and Jan is located at our Ballerup office at The Energy Hub.



Grow with confidence

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