William Vlk


Born in the US and moved to Denmark in 1992. Half Greek and Now almost half Danish, love “rugbrød” and “lagkage”. On the job, I like challenges and as a result I startet my own consulting business – VLK IT Consulting – in 2017. I am very driven and result oriented and thrive on progress. I take responsibility for my work and am thorough. I have been an asset for the companies I have worked for and have successfully lived up to my job/position goals and responsibilities. I have good people skills and can bridge business with technology.

Management experience:
BI Team Lead at Columbus, deciding with upper management, the strategic road-map for the BI department. Core member of our Retail and Production vertical teams at Columbus. Previously manager for the project and key ac-count departments at Columbus with personnel responsibilities. Previously IT manager at Stibo Systems with personnel responsibilities.

Specialist skills:
Advising companies on how to position/implement BI technologies to meet BI and reporting requirements on both the strategic and operational level. Analysis and documentation of BI and reporting requirements. Design, development and implementation of BI solutions, both back-end (cubes, datawarehouse, ETL) and front-end (analysis/reports). Implementation of Dynamics AX standard cubes/datawarehouse. The design, development and implementation of “classic” cubes/datawarehouse. The design, development and implementation of BI analysis/reports in a broad range of front-end products. A solid understanding/experience with Dynamics AX and Microsoft CRM’s database models and standard functionality.